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The video above is about the Zoom classes and is 5'30" long. It contains short clips of students during a Zoom session where I give them advice about technical issues and interpretation to help them improve their guitar skills. These clips are just small fragments of 45-minute individual lessons with students of different levels of playing and musical styles. If you are interested in what I have to offer you can call me or send me an email. I will be more than happy to provide you with more details about the classes. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you!


  • Classical

  • Brazilian Music

  • Acoustic rock,

  • Flamenco or pop music

  • Latin Music in general


  • Access to free printed music and tablature to download

  • Access to pre-recorded videos that will help you improve your overall technique

  • Tips and exercises that will Improve your left-hand fingers accuracy and speed

  • Coordination studies to help you improve your right-hand fingers independence and rhythm

  • Expression concepts that will be applied  to your playing to help you improve your phrasing

  • Introduction to music theory to help you with chord construction and scales

  • Harmony and composition techniques to help you develop your musical ideas

  • Free access to pre-recorded video lessons online

  • Key sections of a lesson can be video recorded for the student to keep  

  • Private lessons in your home or at my studio

  •  My studio is in Kendall/Miami, Florida USA


  • It is economical

  • You don't have to leave home

  • A step by step process

  • A smooth transition between lessons

  • You will be learning guitar using an innovative method

  • Have free access to video tutorials that will help you accelerate your learning process

  • Have free access to a large catalog of printed music to download 

  • You can book weekly Skype or Zoom lessons

  • Morning, afternoon, and evenings sessions available

If interested, please send me an email. Include information about yourself, your level of playing and the kind of music you will be interested in learning.


Guitar lessons in Kendall. Francisco Burgos Freile, guitarist (


Call 305-903-7844

or email

Online classical guitar lessons with pre-recorded videos

Guitar lessons in Miami, Florida

Clases de guitarra en Miami, Florida

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