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Francisco Burgos and student Daniel Gonz
Terri Frazier. Zoom 4. May 23. 2020 _Mom

Lessons can be in English or Spanish in person or via Zoom
Pre-recorded video lessons (click for information)

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  • Do I need to have a guitar? Yes

  • What kind? 

- A Classical Nylon string guitar


- An Acoustic Steel strings

  • Do I teach electric guitar? Yes.

  • Do I teach to play with the fingers or with the pick? I teach both ways

  • Do you need to read music? No

  • Do I teach how to read music? Yes

  • Do I teach in English? Yes

  • Do I teach in Spanish? Yes

  • Is there an age limit to start the lessons? No

  • Two links about my experience: Biography and a Short Story


  • Classical

  • Brazilian Music

  • Electric guitar/acoustic rock

  • Flamenco or pop music

  • Latin Music in general


  • Each lesson is tailored according to the student's level of technical proficiency on the guitar

  • Beginner students will start by learning the basics. 


  • If Classical is the style you want to learn, we'll dive into the unique technical aspects that make the Classical guitar sound like an orchestra. Master guitarists Andres Segovia, John Williams, and Julian Bream will be our source of reference. We'll cover music by Bach, Albeniz, Villalobos, Barrios, etc.

  • If Brazilian is the music you would like to give it a try, we'll get into the Samba, Bossa Nova y Choro as played by Jobim, Toquinho, and Bonfa


  • If Flamenco is your call, our reference guitarists will be Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Niño Josele, Pepe Habichuela, etc.


  • If Electric guitar/Acoustic Rock is what you were born to play, we'll work on the electric/acoustic guitar solos and harmonies played by the great rock musicians and bands. Pink Floyd, Kansas, Eagles, Beatles, etc. We'll also cover any material played by new bands and guitarists from today's music scene. 


  •  I try to help students get into the style of music they enjoy the most as soon as they are ready technique-wise. After all, learning to play the music we like is the motivation we need to see progress in our learning journey. So right away, even at the beginner's level, I try to incorporate into the exercises routine melodies, chords, and rhythms drawn from compositions the student is familiarized with. I incorporate bits and pieces of well-known music (whatever the style) easy for the student to remember. On this page, you can see some guitar LESSONS WITH STUDENTS

  • Having a good technique is the key to playing the guitar well. By technique, we mean the mechanical movements we need to develop in order to create a clean sound, speed, and accuracy with our fingers when moving over the fretboard. I will provide the student with tips and exercises to Improve left-hand and right-hand fingers accuracy and speed

  • We'll cover also right-hand and left-hand coordination studies to help you improve finger independence and rhythm

  • I will emphasize, without making it a burden, music theory to help the student understand chord construction and scales

  • if composing music (writing songs, creating melodies, etc) is one of your goals I incorporate into the training the basic concepts of harmony and composition techniques. I will provide you the information needed that will clarify how phrases are put together. How themes are developed and how chords and melody complement each other. General knowledge of these musical concepts will help students develop their musical ideas. You can listen to some of my compositions on this page MUSIC AND VIDEOS 

  • When it comes to having a well structured and organized way of learning how to play guitar, the lessons I offer are second to none.

  • There is a smooth transition between lessons

  • You will be learning guitar using an innovative method that I have created and used with hundreds of students with great success. Here you can read what some of my students said about the lessons TESTIMONIALS


  • Lessons can be at your home (different rates apply) or at my studio. Zoom lessons are also available

  • Have free access to video tutorials that will help you accelerate your learning process

  • Have free access to a large catalog of printed music to download 

  • You can book weekly lessons (recommended)

  • Morning, afternoon, and evenings sessions available

  • Key sections of a lesson can be video recorded for the student to review after the class  

  • All lessons can be at your home, my studio, or zoom

  •  My studio is in Kendall/Miami, Florida USA

  • If interested please send me an email. Include information about your level of playing and the kind of music you will be interested in learning. The booking is done either through or



Call for more information at 305-903-7844 or send me an email with your questions. Thank you!


Gift Certificates available!


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