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A step-by-step modern approach online

to master the classical guitar technique

from the comfort of your home.



For the past few years, I have been offering classical guitar lessons online using pre-recorded videos. To many people, the thought of learning to play a musical instrument without having the physical presence of a teacher seems to be an impossible task.  Someone might even argue that there are subjects that can be learned online through the video but when it comes to learning to play the guitar it is different and it is necessary to have the physical presence of a teacher to guide you step by step through the process.


There is some truth on that observation, but when we look around and find people that have learned to play guitar having the minimum contact with a teacher we have to admit that there is the possibility to do it on your own. But don't get me wrong. You can do it on your own up to a point. There are musical and technical challenges that are better solved with the help of a qualified teacher in person or through a video lesson with a qualified teacher. 


Having weekly lessons with a teacher in person is the preferred way to do it, but this is not possible for everybody. Three of the most common reasons why people can not commit to private lessons are:


► Financial budget restraints 

► Geographical limitations (no teacher close by where you live)

► Lack of time due to work or family obligations


Under these circumstances, online guitar lessons can be the answer or a strong option. Learning online is an equation that will only work if both parties, the person wanting to learn and the person offering the lessons have a strong commitment to making it happen. I, for my part, am ready to help you.


The classical guitar lessons I am offering have been carefully designed for the absolute beginner and for the persons that already know how to play guitar but would like to improve their technique. You can preview some of the lessons on this page:




The video lessons are informative, melodic and fun to play. They are well planned and structured. The sound quality of the lessons is clear. The camera shots have been taken from different angles to show the movements of the fingers on both hands. Every lesson is explained in minute detail making sure important points, whether technical or music related, are stressed for the student to remember. 


The exercise’s PDF files can be printed on music notation or tablature or open on the computer screen while watching the video. The student will find the lessons easy to follow. The exercises and lessons have been carefully put together in such a way that the transition from one lesson to the next one is smooth and shows new musical and technical challenges to the student without big leaps on the difficulty level.


All the lessons are original exercises. Along with the lessons I have included several well-known pieces for guitar and famous melodies by different composers. These pieces and melodies are placed at certain intervals between lessons to show that a specific technical or musical challenge we have learned can be applied to a known musical composition. It makes the whole process of learning more enjoyable.


The lessons are in English. A Spanish version will soon be available. A forum will be in place for the exchange of ideas. I also offer the opportunity to the student enrolled in the online lessons to set up a private lesson with me in person or via Zoom whenever the need arises, this way a review of the student’s progress can be done and they can receive feedback and suggestions. It is a good way to make sure that no bad habits are being acquired without making a weekly commitment.

There are thousands of online sites that offer guitar lessons. It is very important to carefully choose lessons with a person that has a professional track record and a background in teaching, especially if the lessons are with a paying subscription. If you have come this far on my website to find out more about my experience and what I can offer, I hope the information I have provided you with has been of help to you. If you need more information feel free to contact me.


I invite you to join me. As we say “Life is too short”. So don’t postpone for the future something that you have wanted to do for a long time. Come and join me in the lessons. There is beautiful music, songs and solos to be learned on the guitar. The investment of time and money is minimal.



The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.

–Amelia Earhart

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