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Nilsa Macaya,
New York City

It’s perfect! Thanks for fixing this so fast.  I did a 3 month subscription last year, and I was very impressed by your lessons. It is obvious from the videos that you take great pride in your work, and in sharing your musical expertise with students. Naturally, the new site with its higher resolution video quality is an added bonus.



Javier Vila
Miami, Florida



So far I have been working with your lessons online for a couple of days. However, I can tell you that the lessons are excellent. They are very easy to read and interpret. I find them very easy to practice and I'm able to go at my own pace and can actually play along with you at the same time. This enables me to hear your strings coincide with mine. So far so good.

I will keep you posted on my progress.


Susan Strack,


Hello Francisco,


I think your video lessons are superb. 


I did a lot of searching before deciding to go with your website, considering books, traditional videos or visiting a local teacher.    The free samples of the videos you provide is what sold me.  You show a good deal of what the subscriber is buying so that they know  just what they will be getting.  The videos are a good size, download times are good, the pdf printouts are of excellent quality.  Sound is good and the pace is excellent so far.  (I am at lesson 14 after a few days but I did have a few lessons as a child and learned to read  music in high school).


In short, an awesome site and a wonderful teaching style! 


Many thanks,



Maestro Burgos,

What a wonderful presentation on those videos.  Heck, I  probably consider
myself an intermediate (humbly wish) player, but I found most of the lessons
previews very helpful.  Thanks, Mr Burgos.  It sometimes pays to go back over basic fundamental lessons, to convince oneself that " a student of the guitar" is not regressing into bad habits.   Reminding and Reviewing help
keep a student on track.  A teacher is the best medicine, be it electronically or the old fashioned way.  OR both! (that's me).
What a wonderful method to dispense the lessons to the student.  I, unfortunately, have a dialup service to the internet and will probably end up purchasing the video.   I look forward to your DVD video,  your preview lessons, have me wanting more. I love your teaching demeanor, it is very personal.


Mr LaGuerre

Mr. Burgos,


Thank you for such a warm letter. I have found the online lessons to be exactly “what the doctor ordered.” Congratulation! 

Thanks again,


Mr LaGuerre

Paul Leclair

Good stuff.. I have some John Williams classical collections, and frankly, you rank with the best of them!

Talk to you soon..


Paul Leclair

Wayne Lazar

Dear Mr. Burgos,

I reviewed the samples of the lessons on-line and you have done a

terrific job. Your explanations are exceptionally clear. Also it is terrific that you have the various angle video images.


I am interested in ordering your on-line classical instruction.


Kindest regards,

Wayne Lazar

Alberto Herrera
Miami, Florida

Alan Miller,
Toronto, Canada

Mr. Burgos - I didn't realize that the Spanish soul had such a quiet side - your piece, Prelude 2,  is a revelation!

..seriously - very well written and, of course, beautifully played - kudos to you sir!


Julio Sanchez

Miami, Florida

Francisco. Buenos dias. Le hice un update al Mac y solucione el problema. Gracias por su atencion. Su programa es fabuloso.

Darren Smith

Sidney, Australia

Hello Francisco!,


I listened to your Nocturno on youtube, I enjoyed it very much, very poetic!

kind regards,

Marshal Higgins

Thank you Mr. Burgos. I have been exploring the lessons, and I am very impressed with the time and effort that must have been put into them. It shows. I am an experienced guitarist but have mostly been strumming in rock bands for years. I recently delved into classical, and it is becoming an obsession of sorts, but I do not have a teacher and knew that I was probably not using very proper technique. I am happy for the opportunity to use your online lessons to help guide/correct me.

Thank you,

Don Robertson

Miami, Florida

You will be delighted, Francisco is a maestro of the Guitar. I recommend Him.



Peter Inglis,


To my ears, this is wonderfully musical playing. The melodies are clear 
and the guitar takes on multiple layers of texture and colour, 
especially so in "The Return".

I like the tunes too.

Peter Inglis, Australia

Ms. Daniele Haupt-Kasel


Dear Mr. Burgos,


with great pleasure I have discovered your Teaching method, great compliment – this is really superb and well explained so that every beginner can follow.

It´s great how you combine to read the notes and where to find them on the strings. I do take lessons since about a year and I still play after tabs, which is silly to me as I am still not able to read the notes. the Prelude for the Lute is magnificent, it is really terrific.


Best regards


Ms. Danièle Haupt-Kasel, Germany

James Calivar

For what it's worth, I found your Prelude and your rendition of "The Return"
quite nice. Keep it up'
I also quite like playing your "Waltz" (Lesson 35)
it is a nice piece for
novices like myself.

James Calivar

Olesia Borisenko, pianist

Steven Ringeling

Dear Mr. Burgos, 

I've been enjoying your lessons and am learning so much through your videos. I love Bach and notice that you have the music for a minuet which I'm looking forward to playing someday. I'd like to know if you have Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" available for your students to learn? 


Steven Ringeling


Mr. Burgos,
Thank you for being such a great instructor this afternoon. It was a pleasure to finally get to speak with you. I'm very encouraged by our lesson and look forward to practicing Romance with the instruction you provided.

Burke Wells

East Bend, NC

Dear Francisco Burgos,


I have just recently discovered your wonderful website while searching the Internet for classical guitar music & instruction. I am very impressed with your website and the video lessons you are offering. You are obviously an incredibly talented & gifted player, and I am very excited at the thoughts of learning from your video lessons. 


I also wanted to mention one particular piece of music that I have heard on your website and am now very fascinated with. When I click on the "Subscribe to Lessons" link, an audio/video clip begins to play, and it is the very first piece of audio in this clip that I am speaking of... I love the beautiful combination of the root note sustaining while the melody plays, yet at the same time the single high note is alternated repeatedly, very quickly. It sounds as if three things are happening at once (which amazes me), and I especially love the progression of the root notes, and the mood it creates. Can you tell me the name of this beautiful piece and if it is demonstrated in one of your lessons? (I am very hopeful that it is).


Thank you for offering such a beautiful gift of music to the world through your lessons. You are educating and inspiring at the same time.




Burke Wells

East Bend, NC


Ray Orozco

Miami, Florida



The videos are great – I have been on and off them but right now I am on lesson 40 ( I may have skipped a few). I look at them and try one or two here and there.  I am going to start in order again to see if I can keep it going more rigorously. I am glad the videos are there.


Ray Orozco

San Janvekar

Dear Francisco  
Just wanted to say you play with such peace it radiates to all who hear. It's satisfying and wonderful. 
please keep on playing and inspiring. 
with best regards 
San Janvekar. 

Jennifer Freibely-Earle


"He is a brilliant teacher and uses technology very well to help students beyond geographic limits. I’m grateful to him for helping me keep my classical guitar skills “fresh!” "

Jennifer Freibely-Earle

Founder/Marketing adviser

On-Call Marketing, Inc

Poughkeepsie, NY

Dear Francisco,


I'm proud of you!  You make us all (music teachers) look good!  And your ideas are inspirational!

Keep up the great work!



Olesia Borisenko, pianist

Jiri Kavalir

Czech Republic 

sheet music

Menuet in D minor from Silvius Leopold Weiss

Maestro Burgos, I have just recently discovered your wonderful website while searching the Internet for classical guitar music. I am very impressed with your website and the video lessons you are offering. I would like to practice above-mentioned piece but I have no sheets to my disposal. Could you give me advice about where I could get it? I appreciate it very much.


With best regards

Jiri Kavalir

Fernando Cespedes

Arequipa, Peru 

Muchísimas gracias Francisco. Ha sido muy útil ver tus videos. Le sacas un sonido muy interesante a la guitarra con mucho color. Espero poder tener esa complejidad y matices en las notas en algún momento, ya veo que se requiere mucha dedicación y constancia para esto, no basta con pisar las notas y pulsarlas. Que instrumento tan complejo que es la guitarra clásica. Gracias por compartir tu arte conmigo. Me ha sido de gran ayuda. . Un fuerte abrazo. Fernando Céspedes


Exceptional musician and teacher. Have been taking lessons in person for a few months and things are starting to “click” very quickly. Never took formal lessons before. Teaching style is customized and ever-adapting, and most importantly: effective. *** Igualmente en español las lecciones han sido una ampliación no solo de técnica pero igual de teoría e interpretación. el profe es excelente y accesible guía en todo aspecto de la guitarra.

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