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Dear Friends:


I am sure most of you have heard this famous melody for classical guitar composed in Spain in the mid 1800s (though who, where, and when it was created is still a subject of debate). The version you hear in the recording is performed by me. It begins with a short introduction that I took the liberty to compose. I hope you enjoy it.


This edition is available as a download PDF file. It comes in standard music notation/tablature. It includes left-and right-hand fingers indications, something that is missing in many editions, especially on the tablature part.


The absence of information about which combination of fingers to use on a particular string or fret in the tablature at certain moments leaves non-professional musicians with limited music reading knowledge feeling frustrated and full of questions while learning the piece. I have added helpful indications on the tablature, including fingerings and barre chords. Additionally, I’ve included my personal interpretation of the piece by incorporating dynamic markings to express its character. I hope these enhancements improve the learning experience and bring out the expressive qualities of the composition. Thank you!

Romance Anonimo. Available on Music notation and tablature (PDF)

  • “Romance Anónimo” sheet music to download comes in music notation and tablature.

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